30 Sep 13

Kevin McCloud episode to feature Hinkley Point B power station

This Sunday's (6 October) episode of Kevin McCloud's 'Man Made Home' will feature a visit to the Hinkley Point B nuclear power station, which is part of the landscape seen from the Watchet location of his new Channel 4 series.

The popular presenter wanted to see for himself how the nuclear power station generated low carbon electricity to supply one and a half million homes and how the basic principles could be made to apply to powering his own 'Man Made Home' project.

Dave Overy, Work Management Manager at the power station, showed Kevin around the plant, which started operating in 1976, explaining how the turbines worked as well as taking the TV crew to film on top of one of the station's two reactors.

Dave said: "Kevin was very interested to learn about how the turbines generated electricity and fascinated by the sheer scale of the operation at Hinkley Point. While his 'off-grid' project is obviously very different in size, the basic needs for power, water and light are the same for everyone."

Kevin McCloud also left with some very practical assistance, taking with him a supply of copper from the metal recycling unit at the power station. The copper was smelted down to be used in the roof of the observation deck of his amazing beach home.