6 Aug 13

Hunterston B workers celebrate Healthy Working Lives

It’s something the staff at Hunterston B have known for a while, but an award from NHS Scotland has underlined the fact that working at Hunterston B is good for your health. EDF Energy’s Hunterston B power station has been honoured with a silver award by Healthy Working Lives – HWL - part of the NHS Scottish health service.

HWL works with Scottish employers to enable them to understand, protect and improve the health of their employees as well as supporting those with health problems who have re-entered work, to remain in work.

The Silver award is recognition that Hunterston B has put in place the policies, procedures and practices which allow everyone to become engaged in protecting and improving their health, safety and wellbeing.

Station Director Colin Weir explains how the station proved its silver status: “From showing that we have an effective set of procedures and policies to help avoid accidents and near-misses, to having a recognised drugs and alcohol policy, we were able to show HWL that health and well-being are a top priority here at Hunterston B. The assessors were interested in our healthy eating campaigns, schemes to encourage physical fitness, and leadership programmes to help leaders recognise and support those with mental health and stress symptoms.

“Our ‘Healthy Happy Here’ task team took the lead in showing what we’ve got in place, winding up with a healthy food demonstration in the staff canteen, launching the bikes to borrow scheme and keep fit classes. We’re even developing a fitness suite on site. I’m really pleased to see this reward for the dedication of our people, and keen to join in with some activities as well!”

The Healthy Working Lives team were impressed with what they saw at Hunterston B: “It is the aim of Healthy Working Lives to make the improvements of Health and well-being in the workplace an integral part of Scottish corporate culture and we are delighted that EDF Energy, Hunterston B has contributed to this in such a positive manner”