24 May 12

EDF Energy welcomes GDA Quarterly Report

Today's update by the joint regulators on the Generic Design Acceptance (GDA) process was welcomed by EDF Energy.

The update from the joint regulators is positive and highlights the significant step of the first GDA issue being closed: "This shows that progress is being made on the process of GDA closure and we have no reason to believe that this should not lead towards provision of the Design Acceptance Confirmation and Statement of Design Acceptability, once all of the GDA Issues have been addressed to our regulatory satisfaction."

Commenting on the process which will lead towards licensing of the EPR reactor design for use in the UK, EDF Energy Managing Director of Nuclear New Build, Humphrey Cadoux-Hudson said:

“Working with the regulators on plans for Hinkley C has developed greater understanding of our plans, leading to both parties being in a position to resolve the safety issues ahead of construction, which, as the regulators say: "should in turn lead to more predictable and achievable schedules for the construction phase."

“We, and our partners Centrica, aim to take our final investment decision at the end of this year. We believe it is vital to achieve regulatory acceptance of the design before construction begins and the GDA is a valuable process which will allow us to do this.

“There remains however, a lot more work to do. So we’ve provided additional management focus and resource to the project and are working hard alongside our colleagues at AREVA to ensure proper closure of the process by the end of the year.

“We are confident that the GDA process that the joint regulators have outlined will support our overall project timeline for the construction of Hinkley Point C, enabling the provision of clean, secure and affordable electricity for the UK when the country needs it.”


Recent milestones on our nuclear new build projects include:

  • We began site preparation work at Hinkley Point C in February 2012. This followed permission from the local authorities last year and agreement on a £30 million package of mitigation.
  • Following three years of consultation EDF Energy submitted its application for a Development Consent Order to build and operate Hinkley Point C in October 2011. The Planning Inspectorate (formerly the Infrastructure Planning Commission) has begun its assessment and is expected to make its recommendation later this year.
  • We have continued our engagement with the supply chain and in December 2011 held our third National Supply Chain event involving more than 350 companies. We have let contracts including a £100 million-plus contract to Kier Bam for civils work to prepare the site.
  • Following four years of work by EDF and Areva, in December 2011 the joint regulators (Office for Nuclear Regulation and Environment Agency) issued interim design acceptance confirmation for the EPR Pressurized Water Reactor, describing this themselves as a major milestone in the process. Working together with AREVA, the ONR and the EA, we hope to close out the design acceptance process by the end of the year.
  • We are developing the skills and jobs to deliver the project. The project will employ up to 25,000 people over the course of construction with 5,600 people on site at peak. There are already in excess of 700 people in UK and France working on the Hinkley Point C project. We have announced a £15 million investment to develop a world class training centre in Somerset.
  • In addition, we plan to undertake initial consultation on Sizewell C by the end of this year.