8 Jul 14

EDF Energy launches Blue+Fixed Prepay October 2016

EDF Energy, the UK’s largest producer of low carbon electricity, has today announced the launch of Blue+Fixed Prepay October 2016 – a new energy tariff that enables prepay customers to have access to fixed price energy for 27 months, with no exit fees.

With only four fixed prepay tariffs available on the market, customers on prepay meters have previously had limited choice when it comes to fixing their energy prices – despite 19% being in fuel poverty*. The launch of Blue+Fixed Prepay October 2016 will allow 7.5 million** prepay customers nationwide to fix their energy in line with EDF Energy’s current Standard Variable prices (the cheapest on average of the major suppliers***), enabling them to better manage their, often squeezed, household budgets and avoid the ups and downs of energy prices.

Customers signing up to Blue+Fixed Prepay October 2016 will benefit from:

  • Fixed prices for 27 months – providing peace of mind and security that energy prices won’t rise during that time
  • No termination fees - giving customers the flexibility to leave for free at any point if they find a better tariff
  • A guarantee that the electricity they use will be matched by low carbon electricity generated by nuclear power stations without them paying a premium
  • UK-based call centres

Based on a national average of regional prices, the annual dual fuel bill for a typical customer**** signed up to Blue+Fixed Prepay October 2016 will be £1,237 a year – the same price as the current EDF Energy Standard Variable paying by Cash/Cheque. The tariff will be available to both new and existing customers, who will be able to manage their account and sign up to the tariff online through the company’s ‘My Account’ system on www.edfenergy.com.

Beatrice Bigois, Managing Director of Customers at EDF Energy, said: “At EDF Energy we believe everyone should be able to fix their energy prices, regardless of how they pay. We announced the launch of Blue+Fixed Prepay October 2016 to provide prepay customers with more choice and access to a long term fix, with the flexibility to leave for free at any point. We know many of these customers have never switched supplier or tariff but if more prepay fixed tariffs are introduced, this will encourage people to find the best deal for them and ultimately save money. The introduction of this new tariff is just one example of how we listen to our customers and create flexible offers for them.”

In the 2014 Consumer Moneyfacts Awards, EDF Energy was named as ‘Energy Provider of the Year’, an award scheme that uses feedback from more than 90,000 consumer surveys to select its winners.



*Department of Energy and Climate Change Annual Fuel Poverty Statistics Report, 2014

** Ofgem Quarterly Social Obligations Report June 2013

*** As at July 7 2014 EDF Energy’s standard variable tariff is the cheapest of the major suppliers. The major suppliers are: EDF Energy, British Gas, E.ON, npower, SSE and Scottish Power. Based on a national average of regional prices using Ofgem’s typical consumption of 3,200kWh for Standard Electricity, 13,500kWh for Standard Gas and 4,600kWh for Economy 7 Electricity, for a Dual Fuel customer paying by prepayment meter.

**** Typical consumption is defined by Ofgem as 3,200kWh for Standard Electricity, 13,500kWh for Standard Gas and 4,600kWh for Economy 7 Electricity (with 55% consumed at night).

For more information please contact:

EDF Energy Press Office

T: 020 7025 6692

E: edfenergyteam@redconsultancy.com

Notes to editors:

About EDF Energy

EDF Energy is one of the UK’s largest energy companies and the largest producer of low-carbon electricity, producing around one-fifth of the nation's electricity from its nuclear power stations, wind farms, coal and gas power stations and combined heat and power plants. The company supplies gas and electricity to 6 million business and residential customer accounts and is the biggest supplier of electricity by volume in Great Britain.

EDF Energy’s safe and secure operation of its eight existing nuclear power stations at sites across the country makes it the UK’s largest generator of low carbon electricity. EDF Energy is also leading the UK's nuclear renaissance and has published plans to build four new nuclear plants, subject to the right investment framework.

These new plants could generate enough low carbon electricity for about 40% of Britain’s homes. They would make an important contribution to the UK’s future needs for clean, secure and affordable energy. The project is already creating business and job opportunities for British companies and workers.

Through Our Better Energy Ambitions, EDF Energy has developed one of the biggest environmental and social programmes of any British energy company.

In 2014 EDF Energy received seven ‘Big Ticks’ in the Business in the Community (BITC) Responsible Business Awards. In 2013 EDF Energy received the Environmental Leadership for Behavioural Change Award in the national Environment and Energy Awards and was highly commended in the first ever pan European Corporate Social Responsibility Awards scheme for its Sustainable Schools programme – the Pod.

EDF Energy is part of EDF Group, one of Europe’s largest power companies. The company employs around 15,000 people at locations across the UK.

To find out more about the UK's energy challenges look at www.edfenergy.com/energyfuture/