14 Aug 12

EDF and AREVA welcome progress cited by latest GDA Quarterly Report

Today's update by the joint regulators on the Generic Design Acceptance (GDA) process was welcomed by EDF Energy and AREVA.

The update from the joint regulators highlights the significant progress on the work programmes by EDF and AREVA, which is underlined by the closing out of a further two GDA issues.

Provided that the rate of work is maintained, the joint regulators believe that:

"…the programmes that are set out in the revised resolution plans can be achieved. In that case, and if we are satisfied by the safety, security and environmental arguments that they put forward, then we might be able to close all of the remaining GDA Issues by the end of the year. This would enable us to consider whether we should issue a full Design Acceptance Confirmation and a full Statement of Design Acceptability for the UK EPR.”

The process will lead towards licensing of the EPR reactor design for use in the UK.

Commenting on the latest report, EDF Energy Managing Director of Nuclear New Build, Humphrey Cadoux-Hudson said:

“We are pleased to see that the additional management focus and resourcing we and our colleagues at AREVA have dedicated to the GDA process is producing results. This work is crucial to resolving any safety and environmental issues ahead of regulatory permissions and construction, which, as the regulators have reiterated: "…should lead to more predictable and achievable schedules for the proposed construction phase."

“We, and our partners Centrica, aim to take our final investment decision at the end of this year. Good progress had been made on the reforms to the electricity market designed to encourage investment in low carbon technologies. It is vital that that momentum is maintained in the legislative process and it is vital that we maintain the momentum in the licensing process – something which we and our partner AREVA are committed to do.

Alain-Pierre Raynaud, Chairman of AREVA UK, said

“This is a very positive report. We are pleased that the joint efforts of EDF and AREVA teams, working closely together, have resulted in major progress towards securing GDA acceptance within the next few months. We will continue to allocate the necessary level of resource in order to provide the appropriate information to satisfy the demands of the regulators. We are confident that we will bring the process to a successful conclusion so opening the way for the construction of the first new nuclear stations in the UK for 20 years.”

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