29 Oct 13

Dungeness B update

The first of two 275 kV supplies was reinstated by National Grid at 4.10pm on October 28, which is providing power to the Dungeness B site. National Grid staff are working on reinstating the second and final 275kv supply this morning.

Once the site has both supplies in place the plan will be to bring one reactor back on line at a time. This is likely to happen over the next few days.

Martin Pearson, station director at Dungeness B, said: “My thanks go to the teams from National Grid for their professional and quick response yesterday in what was a very challenging day for them.

“I am also very proud of my team here at Dungeness B for their calm and very professional response to the loss of off-site supplies. The plant equipment worked exactly as designed and my team responded exactly as I would expect.

“Although a very rare event, we are trained to deal with this scenario and the team executed our pre-agreed plans to the letter. We are looking forward to having both units back supplying low carbon electricity to Kent and East Sussex.