30 Oct 14

Dungeness B open for apprentice applications from November 1

Over 70 young people and their parents came to the power station to learn more about an engineering career with EDF Energy at Dungeness B.

Jim French, apprentice co-ordinator, said: “We invite potential applicants and their parents to the station so that they understand a little more about the scheme, especially as the first two years are away from home.”

Current and ex-apprentices were on hand to explain a bit more about the scheme and how they work to keep the power station running safely, providing low carbon power to homes and businesses across the UK.

Kat Martin, 20, is a third year control and instrumentation apprentice from Canterbury and now lives in Folkestone.

“I had conditional places at two universities to study HR management. But then the costs to study went up and I thought I should really get an apprenticeship or a job.

“I hadn’t really thought about Dungeness B before I saw the scheme, but I knew that gaining engineering qualifications and joining the nuclear industry would be good for my future prospects.”

Thomas Powell, 17, is studying maths, physics and chemistry A-Levels at The Charter School in Dulwich.

He said: “I have always found engineering a really interesting subject, especially nuclear. My physics A-Level project is on the future of nuclear engineering in the UK, so I wanted to visit the reactors at Dungeness to find out more. It has been really great talking to the engineers here about the scheme and learning about different career options.”

The apprenticeship scheme will see youngsters taken on at each of EDF Energy sites across the UK.

Around 60 apprentices, will join the four-year scheme which, for the first two years, takes place at HMS Sultan - a world-class training centre in Portsmouth. The apprentices return for on-site training for the final two years.

In 2014 the site received hundreds of applications for the scheme and after tests and interview, six were selected.

Jim said: “The quality of applications was very high and this helps to ensure we get the right calibre of people. As always we are looking for applications from a diverse range of people.”

“We remind our apprentices as they start off, that the majority of today’s executive team started their working lives as apprentices.”

Anyone from year 11 upwards can apply, with the minimum entry being five GCSEs at grade C and above with maths, English and two science subjects being mandatory.

Further information and application forms can be found at www.edfenergy.com/careers. The scheme opens on November 1 and runs until early in the new year.