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Making energy efficiency investment more attractive

Making energy efficiency investment more attractive

By Daniel Bentham, Head of R&D Smart Customers at EDF Energy | Posted August 17, 2015

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” - Benjamin Franklin.

Getting funding is hard, there’s always someone else competing for the available resource.  But now, thanks to Electricity Market Reform (EMR), making the business case for energy efficiency is much easier. 

Protect your business from rising electricity costs

Many companies are focused on the increasing cost of their energy bills, thanks to EMR. They are a risk; our forecasts say they could add up to £10/MWh by 2019. But don’t just concentrate on the cost. If you do, you might miss out on longer term opportunities. This is your chance to protect your business and be more sustainable. 

To help we’ve prepared a white paper, allowing you to invest in your knowledge, before asking your company to finance energy efficiency.  

Why should you read it?

We’ll show you how EMR makes energy investment more attractive, by:

  • describing how Demand Side Response is a revenue opportunity and how smart firms are taking advantage of it

  • giving you 7 tips on making a successful energy efficiency business case 

  • outlining a 3 step energy strategy 

EMR makes the case for investment in energy efficiency more attractive. Read the full white paper.

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