4 great new energy ideas for your business

We’re thrilled.  Four of our latest projects which help business customers with their energy consumption have been shortlisted for the Energy Awards (the red carpet event in the electricity and gas market).

We’d be more delighted if we could help your business take advantage of these (potentially award winning) innovations. Here’s a piece on the benefits of each.

1. Keeping your finger on the price pulse with insight direct from the experts - Market Insight, Innovation finalist

You can keep track of all the things that affect your electricity prices, and how they’re changing, with our revamped Market Insight portal. It gives business energy buyers an interactive energy market dashboard.

With content from EDF Energy’s meteorology, commodity analysis and trading teams, plus Spectron Marex and Cornwall Energy, users are better informed than ever before. And, it’s not just numbers, our traders post commentary and answer questions throughout the day too.

Even better, it works just as well on smart phones and tablets as computers. It’s proving popular. 80% more customers now use Market Insight and they use it for twice as long as the old service.

If you are an EDF Energy large consumer customer and would like free access to all the UK energy market information relevant to businesses, register here. You won’t look back.

Not a customer? Ask for a trial 

2. Knowing how to make your electric motors leaner and cleaner – Motorbox, Excellence in Demand Reduction finalist

Electric motors and drives account for a massive one third of all industrial electricity use in the UK. It’s hard to detect poor performance because the data for motors is challenging to collect, model and analyse. Motorbox solves that.

This new service from our R&D lab is a low cost and quick way to properly measure how your motors are performing, and model how they could perform better. Our first UK test of Motorbox identified 3 projects that will cut total site carbon emissions by 12%.

If your business could benefit from solid data driven energy-saving recommendations about motors, contact us.

3. Cheaper, cleaner, renewable heating and cooling for your buildings – Renewable Energy Centre at Cannington Court, Building Project of the year finalist

When you think renewable, you probably think of electricity first. But, what could renewable heating and cooling do for the costs and carbon emissions of your business.

We recently built a renewable energy centre, at the site of a Grade 1 listed building. It provides all the heating and cooling, plus half the electricity needs of our new training centre. The property has a mixed commercial / residential use and the energy centre will pay for itself in 5 years and then actually becomes an income stream for the next for 15 years.

This project is a blueprint to overcoming the challenges of retro-fitting low carbon energy production onto commercial sites – even when they are listed or have significant development restrictions.

You can read the case study here, or if you’d like to see it in action we’re planning visits for techy energy people to see it in the flesh, learn how it works, and share our 2020 hindsight from the design and the build.

Drop us a line and we’ll send you the details.

4. And for smaller business consumers we’ve made it easier than ever to purchase your electricity – Quote & Buy online, Innovation finalist

This online platform allows time-poor SMEs to get a quote for their gas or electricity supply within 60 seconds and the option to complete the buying process online. It’s simple: provide an address and estimated consumption and within one minute, get a quote for either a gas or electricity contract for 1,2, or 3 years.

This new way of purchasing isn’t just quicker and simpler but it’s also anonymous, we don’t know who’s requesting the quote.

Yet, the customer gets the best price transparency before making a commitment to buy. With Live Chat available on the relevant web pages we’re not only one of the first suppliers to provide this easy transacting option but we’re also supporting smaller businesses through the process.

Are you a business energy consumer who spends less than £30,000 a year? then give Quote & Buy a spin 

Have we aroused your interest?

We’re always coming up with new ideas to help our customers understand, navigate and make savings in the complex energy market – we think it helps make us the Feel Better Energy company. Tell us what you think – we’d love to hear.

Posted by Sid Cox

Sid Cox is the Director of B2B at EDF Energy. With over 20 years' experience in the international energy industry, Sid brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.


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