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It's the perfect time to future proof your home

We all want to be prepared for next winter, especially with costs rising. Now's a great time to get yourself ready and make your home more energy-efficient!

young family on a sofa with blanket

Don't waste heat! Upgrade your existing electric system to a more energy efficient one

Electric heater designs have come a long way. New models of storage heaters and electric radiators include energy efficiency features such as

  • Smart controls, help you only heat the rooms you want
  • A highly accurate thermostat, 7 day times for 24-hour control
  • Energy-saving technologies such as ‘open window detection’ and ‘adaptive start’
Air Source Heat Pump outside couples home

Looking to update the heating system in your home?

An air source heat pump is an efficient alternative to oil, LPG and gas that helps reduce your carbon footprint and save energy.

We've teamed up with our trusted partner, Daikin to offer low-carbon technology that's three and a half times more efficient than gas with comparable running costs.(1)