Spot how to cut your energy costs around the home with Energy Hub

Your smart meter lets us give you lots of useful information that can help you cut your energy use – and costs.

You can get all this information in your Energy Hub in MyAccount. Half a million customers are already using the Hub to save money on their bills.(1)

Your Energy Hub can show you:

  • your energy use (kWH) and costs (£s), and how these change over time
  • a personalised illustration of how much energy you use around the home – on things like lighting, heating and cooking
  • tailored energy-saving advice, based on your energy use

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  1. Save up to £60 with Energy Hub. Savings estimated on a sample from January 21-April 23 of 2000 customers who started using Energy Hub and logged in 5+ times between April 2022-April 2023. Costs based on Ofgem's typical annual consumption positioned against projected Standard (Variable) consumption costs of July 23 to-June 24. Ofgem estimates the typical household in Britain uses 2,900 kWh of electricity, 12,000 kWh of gas.

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