Economy 7: what it is and how to change it

An Economy 7 tariff gives you two electricity rates: a day rate and a cheaper 'off-peak' night rate. It can help you save money if you tend to use more electricity during off-peak hours.

You can get an Economy 7 tariff if you have a traditional Economy 7 meter or a traditional Economy 7 prepayment meter. Most smart meters can also be switched to Economy 7 mode.

You get 7-9 hours of off-peak electricity between 8pm and 8am. You'll find the exact hours for your area on your bill.

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What can I do if I don't want an Economy 7 tariff?

I have a smart meter 
Just get in touch and ask us to switch your smart meter out of 'Economy 7' mode. You can then choose a non-Economy 7 tariff.

I don't have a smart meter
You have two options:

  1. Get in touch to ask us to totalise your rates - this way you can get a single rate tariff without the fuss of changing your meter.
  2. Get a smart meter - this way you get a single rate tariff, and all the benefits of a smart meter

Get a smart meter

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