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We've compiled answers to some questions that you may have so we hope you find them useful. 
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My voucher hasn’t arrived. What do I need to do?

If you chose to get your voucher by email, then it should arrive on the same day you ordered it. And if you asked for it to be posted to you, then it’ll take between three and five working days to get to you. If it hasn’t arrived after that time, please email Love2shop so they can check what’s happened.

Where can I spend my Love2shop Gift Card?

You can find a full list of places you can use your card on the Love2shop website.

When will my voucher or Love2shop Gift Card expire?

It does. Love2shop Gift Cards have the expiry date printed on the front. And vouchers are generally valid for between 12 and 24 months – exactly how long depends on the retailer. Check the links to see when yours expires. 

M&S | Debenhams | Argos

Can I spend my voucher or Love2shop Gift Card in a store or online?

All retailers are different – so some accept vouchers and Gift Cards both in person and online, while some only do one or the other. Use the links below to check how you can spend your voucher or Gift Card.

M&S | Debenhams | Argos | Love2shop Gift Card  

Do I have to spend all of my voucher or Love2shop Gift Card at once?

If you have a voucher for M&S, Debenhams or Argos, you’ll need to check their T&Cs. Use the links below to find the answer you need:

If you have a Love2shop Gift Card, you don’t have to spend the full balance in one go. Anything you don’t spend will stay on your card and you can use it another time.

I tried to use my Love2shop Gift Card at one of the retailers shown on the website, but they wouldn’t accept it. What do I do now?

If you tried to buy something which was more than the balance on your card then it might have been declined. That’s because you need to let the cashier know you’re spending more than the balance on the card before you pay, and then ask to pay the difference another way.
If this wasn’t the case, then please double check the retailer’s listed on the Love2shop website. If that retailer is on the list, then please email Love2shop the details so they can investigate. They’ll need the name and address of the store where you tried to use your card.

What should I do with my Love2shop Gift Card once I’ve spent the balance?

Even if your card doesn’t have any money left on it, it’s worth hanging on to. This is just in case you want to return something you’ve bought – the retailer will refund the money back on to your card.

I need to return something I’ve bought with my Love2shop Gift Card. How will I get the refund?

The retailer will put the money back on to your Love2shop Gift Card. If you don’t have the card anymore they might give you a gift voucher or card for the same amount to spend in their store.

The website is telling me my code isn’t valid. What should I do?

If your code isn’t working please email Love2shop to let them know.

Do I have to pay postage if I ask you to post me my voucher?

No, we’ll cover any postage charges.

I’m having trouble using my voucher. What should I do?

Email Love2shop. Tell them the type of voucher you have, and include your order number if you have one.