What is the Ofgem price cap?

The price cap was set up in 2019 by Ofgem, the energy regulator, as a way to set the maximum price an energy company can charge a customer on a Standard (Variable) tariff. The energy price cap limits your rates for each gas and electricity unit. However, it doesn't set your monthly bill, so your monthly bills will increase if you use more energy. 

What is the price cap current set at?

The price cap was last set in October 2021 at £1,277 (based on the yearly usage of a typical medium consumption home). This is now set to increase to £1,971 per year. 

The new prices will start on 1 April. If you're an EDF customer, on one of our variable tariffs we'll be contacting you from this week to let you know what the impact is on your household.

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