How to make sustainable lifestyle choices

Here at EDF Energy we're all about making low-carbon decisions. Whether that's your energy, your travel or how you shop. We offer a range of low-carbon tariffs and now we've started to help you travel low-carbon too with a variety of EV options

So, ready to live a low-carbon, sustainable lifestyle? You’re in luck! We’ve gathered our favourite ways you can make sustainable choices – from groceries and beauty products to books! There’s something for everyone on our list. So take a moment and see where you can find the best sustainable goods on the market – making your life green and easy.

The Ethical Superstore

This superstore is all about feel good choices. Whether you’re shopping for gifts, your pets, your home, health or more – there are a fantastic amount of ethical options. Shop plastic free, get Fairtrade products, and discover handy alternatives to help the environment.

For groceries, home and more!

Why not check out Milk & More – there’s a great array of food, dairy, home and lifestyle products. Shop here where small suppliers are championed and the focus is on creating a positive impact on the environment and local communities. Milk & More celebrate the British icon: the milkman. And deliver to homes around the country before 7am!

For book lovers everywhere

Love reading but don’t like constantly buying new books? Then World of Books is for you! This Sussex-based company sells used books with over 3 million in stock. Prices are low and delivery is free to help share the love of reading and reusing books. So reuse, read and recycle!

For the bathroom

Looking for 100% recycled toilet paper? You’ve found it. Plus, this company donates 50% of profits to building toilets in the developing world. Good for your home. And good for the planet!

For fashionistas

Say hello to the circular t-shirt – made by Teemill with organic cotton that's been remanufactured from recovered material in a renewables-powered factory. Every item is designed to be sent back to the company when worn out – then new products are made from the material recovered. And this goes on and on and on! So start sustainable clothes shopping – it’s guilt-free fashion.

Everything EV
Want to travel low-carbon too? Well, we’re here to get you on the road and ahead of the curve.

We offer a range of electric car options – from our stand-alone EV tariff all the way up to our complete option that includes our tariff, charger and an electric car lease. Enjoy 10,000 miles free for a year or a free charger when you go electric with us.

See our options here.