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Get 10,000 miles free and a free EV home charger when you lease a vehicle through us(1) our complete option



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Install this small and mighty electric car charger – one of the smallest fast chargers on the market.


GoElectric Tariff

Get a huge 98 hours off-peak charging for your electric car with our 100% renewable GoElectric tariff(2)

How it works

Whether you're new to electric cars or an existing EV driver, we have a range of options for all your electric car needs. With help from our expert team, you can build your perfect package. Get a stand-alone tariff or choose to include a car or charger. Don’t wait, start your electric adventures today.

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To bring you the best electric car leasing offers, we’ve joined forces with DriveElectric one of the UK’s leading electric car lease providers.

Get a FREE home charger and 10,000 miles(1) when you get a vehicle through us

Typical monthly rental from
£299 - £338 (inc. VAT)

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Charge your car at home

The charger: one of the smallest smart chargers around(3), designed for the energy-conscious driver.

Exclusive introductory price when you get a tariff with us
Only £299 (Normally £599 when you qualify for the £500 OLEV grant)(4)

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Super Cheap GoElectric Tariff

100% renewable(2), 8.01p per kWh off-peak charging, and competitive – there’s lots to love about the GoElectric tariff!

98 hours of off-peak charging
9pm to 7am per day + ALL weekend

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Electric vehicle solutions for business

We provide a selection of hardware and back office solutions to ensure we can cater to a wide selection of requirements for our customers. 

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Have questions about charging an electric car?

Learn all the different options for charging your electric car on the go and at home.

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Not sure of the difference between electric cars?

There are different types of electric cars from hybrids to pure electric – so find the car that suits you best.

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Want to know more about electric car costs?

Find out what an electric car costs to buy and run – upfront and over a lifetime.

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Spend less

Get 10 hours per day of super cheap off-peak charging at weeknights and all weekend. Enough to fully charge most electric cars(5)

100% renewable tariff

Get our special GoElectric tariff designed just for electric car owners(2)

FREE miles & charger

Get 10,000 miles for free and a free charger when you lease a vehicle through us(1)

You need to have a compatible smart meter or be willing to have one installed to get one of our electric car options. You also need off-street parking if you wish to install a charger.

For longer journeys and when away from home, there are public charging stations available to ensure you can keep your battery topped up. Here's a map of all the charging points around the UK.

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