Small things can make a big difference. These tips could help you save energy and make your home cosier.


Tips that cost nothing

1.Don’t leave appliances on standby
Turn that little red light off!

2.Defrost fridges and freezers regularly
And make sure they’re not near heat sources

3.Clean the grille behind fridges and freezers
Keeps them running efficiently

4.Run your washing machine on full loads
Or use half load, economy settings or 30° washes

5.Use low-energy programmes on dishwashers
For all but the dirtiest of dishes

Tips at an extra cost

1.Check the rating on any new appliances you buy
Includes TVs, dishwashers and microwaves


Tips that cost nothing

1. Fix those drips
Leaks waste more water than you think

2. Take a shower
It’s usually faster, cheaper and more efficient than a bath

Tips at an extra cost

1. If you've got a shower that takes water straight from your boiler or hot water tank
Then fitting a water efficient shower head could reduce your hot water usage



Tips that cost nothing

1. Turn down your thermostat
Just one degree could save you money and save up to £80 a year*
*Information provided by Energy Saving Trust

2. Run your heating for an hour less each day
You’ll be surprised at the difference this makes

3. Remember to check your radiators to see if they need bleeding
Any trapped air will mean they are not working as efficiently as they could be.

Tips at extra cost

1. Service your gas boiler every year
Keep it running efficiently

2. Add a new 75mm hot water cylinder jacket
Better insulation for your old water tank

3. Radiator panels reflect heat back into the room
They’re cheap to buy and easy to fit in minutes

4. Install a smart thermostat
Control your heating remotely when you’re away from home

Want a boiler service or smart thermostat? EDF Energy offers a range of home energy products and services to help make your home more energy efficient.


Tips that cost nothing

1. Switch off the lights
Especially if you're not in a room for a while

2. Shut the curtains
Keep the warmth in and don’t drape over radiators

3. Do you need that gas fire on?
If you’re warm enough, keep it turned off

Tips at an extra cost

1. Draught proofing takes minutes to install
Filling in gaps around your window and door frames keeps warmth in

2. Check out your local DIY superstore
There are lots of items that can help make chilly draughts a thing of the past


Tips that cost nothing

1. Use the right sized pan
For the hob and the ingredients you’re cooking

2. Keep saucepan lids on
Keeps heat energy inside the pan

3. Make toast in the toaster
It’s more energy efficient than the grill

4. Boil only as much water as you need
Rather than filling the kettle


LED bulbs are energy efficient and could last up to ten times longer than normal bulbs. Why not order yours through  EDF Energy.

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