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What is Energiesprong and how can it help me save?

By Marta Moses | Posted February 20, 2019

We all would like to save more on bills. And there are many ways we can make small changes that will help. However, if your home’s draughty and losing heat from its walls and roof this can be a real challenge, however a mixture of small adjustments, larger investments (such as insulation) and being greener (such as solar panels) will help you use less energy.

Energiesprong has recently hit the UK headlines. So we’re going to explain what it is and how it can help cut down on bills.

So what is Energiesprong?

Energiesprong is a Dutch initiative, which transforms old homes to make them more energy efficient. It means “energy leap” and is essentially a retrofit of cladding and insulation to keep the warm in and cold out...simple really!

How can Energiesprong help me save on my energy bills?

Energiesprong has just arrived in the UK and is reported to have cut bills in half. In Nottingham, more than 150 social housing homes will get new wall cladding, windows and solar panels. So it’s very early days for this initiative but if all goes well we may see it more and more across Britain.

What we really can take from Energiesprong is its sentiment – saving and a greener ethos by investing in homes and making sure they're green and insulated well.

If you’re interested in insulating your home – read more about how we can help. You can also read more about fitting solar panels on your home and even about investing in a solar battery for your house.

Three quick energy-saving tips to get you started

Heat certain rooms at certain times. You can make considerable savings by heating only the room or rooms you are using. You don't need to own the house of the future to heat on a room by room basis, smart tech such as smart radiator valves can help you do just this, however, take care not to risk the health of sick or elderly family members by reducing the overall temperature too much.

Switch off standby. Turn that little red light off!  Appliances left on standby are still consuming electricity. Switching them off costs nothing and can save you more than you’d think.

Turn lights off when you leave a room. Another small change of behaviour that can lead to considerable savings.

Want to discover more ways you can save energy? We’ve got heaps of them! Start saving on bills today.