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How to control your home energy while you're on holiday

By Laura Davies | Posted May 14, 2018

There are plenty of life hack articles online to change how you plan, pack and travel for your holiday, but what about the house you're leaving behind? There's always that little niggle in the back of your mind, will my home be OK while I'm away? Here are our top tips for controlling your energy and managing your security while you're away on holiday.

Controlling your energy


Howz is an excellent smart home monitoring system. It learns a person's routine by using discreet sensors around the house and connecting to plug sockets of frequently used items like toasters or kettles.  It has been designed for older people who can use it to learn about their own routine and any significant changes which are shared via the Howz app.  By sharing the information with family, they can also view the timeline of events and any alerts, so even when you’re away, you get that added reassurance.  

An added bonus with the Howz sensors in your own home is that if you go on holiday, the app can let you know if anything’s been activated.

Smart meters

Everyone enjoys saving money, and when you're on holiday splashing the cash on other things, isn't it nice to know you're saving money on your home energy bills? When you get a smart meter, you get a handy display monitor called an 'in-home display' that shows you exactly how much energy you're using costs in near real-time. This can help you see how much you use daily for routine tasks, and you'll be able to see how much, on average, you'll save by being away on holiday and not using those appliances. Find out more on our smart meters home page.

Managing your security

Clever Dog

There are some amazingly cheap ways to monitor your home's security whenever you go away. One option is Clever Dog. This company makes a range of surveillance cameras that look just like webcams and come with an accompanying app for your smartphone that will send you photos of any changes in your home. You can position the camera wherever you like, the main window or the front door, for example. You can also watch live footage from the camera via the app whenever you want to check up on things.

Smart lights

Smart lighting is also a great way to deter any potential intruders. With smart lights, you can turn your lights on and off as you choose via an app. You can make it look like someone is home, even when you're not. Read more on our smart lighting page.

Smart door locks

A more advanced option for home security, which could be a great idea if you're going away for longer or even just want that extra peace of mind, are smart locks. This would involve changing the locks on the main entrances to your home. This keyless option from Yale means there are no traditional locks that someone could tamper with because you gain access with a key card instead of a traditional key. This option has a tamper alarm, and you can also set visitor codes so your neighbour, family or friend can check up on your home anytime with a code you've set.