What are smart lights?

Smart lights do more than just turn off and on with a switch. They can be dimmable, change colour, scheduled, voice controlled and remotely controlled from your phone or tablet wherever you are. There are many options on the market to suit every home. Some smart lights connect to a home hub that allows you to control them from your smartphone, tablet or a gadget like Amazon Echo. Some will also connect directly to your smartphone, without a hub. So there's a smart home lighting option for everyone.

Are smart lights right for me?

Yes, if you want more flexibility over your lighting and want to be able to control your lights from wherever you are. There will be a smart light that is suitable for you because they are available in the main fitting types, just like traditional light bulbs. These are three main kinds:

  • Standard bulbs – E27 or bayonet fittings
  • Candle bulbs – SES (small screw) fittings
  • Spotlights – GU10 spotlight fittings

Smart lighting bulbs are all LED. This is great news because they use less energy than traditional incandescent light bulbs. In terms of colour, you’ll usually get to choose between two kinds of bulb: white ones or colour-changing ones. The colour-changing options are usually more expensive than the single colour options.

Wi-fi light bulbs

These are smart lights that don't need a hub. You just put them in your existing socket, download the app that goes with them, connect to wi-fi and you're good to go. A lot of the wi-fi light bulbs also work with Amazon Echo so you can have voice controlled lights anywhere in your house. 

How much do smart lights cost?

The cost ranges from around £15 for a single white Hue bulb to hundreds of pounds if you'd like a whole smart system. So they don't save you money but will make you smile.

Smart lights and Amazon Echo

Smart lights can be controlled by an Amazon Echo, which means you can use Alexa to to control your lighting anywhere in the house. Alexa is the in-built personal assistant you can talk to and give instructions. You can set your individual commands when it comes to your smart lights too. For example, if you like your lights dimmed when you're watching a film, you can set a command like: "Alexa, switch lights to Movie Night mode." Then your lights will dim. There's a very handy EDF Energy Alexa skill you can use to manage your energy account as well as control your smart tech.

Do you want a smarter home?

It can all start with your energy tariff. Our Connect+Control2 tariff means you get smart tech with a great tariff price.