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Want to improve your job prospects? Get help deciding on a career? Or boost your confidence with 1-2-1 mentoring?

Elevate is our 10-day intensive development course for Young HPC members. It currently runs virtually at different times during the year – see the dates below – and it’s completely free.

If you are new to the world of work, or have some previous work experience and are now making the transition into a career, this programme will help you feel confident in how you present yourself and help you prepare for working with others. Along the way you’ll also learn about roles at Hinkley Point C – and how to improve your chances of getting a job.

How Elevate can help you

Hear from young people already working at Hinkley Point C to find out about their career journeys

Get exclusive access to employers at Hinkley Point C

Discover what motivates you and what careers would suit you best

Prepare for real-life work tasks, like pitching an idea to your boss

Build your confidence

Get 1-2-1 support and mentoring

What does the course look like?

The course includes activities and learning on:

  • Motivation – discover what motivates you
  • Identification of your strengths and challenges – create a self-development plan to support your goals
  • Project and team work – learn how different roles and responsibilities are needed to reach a shared goal through a case study
  • Online safety and HPC values – and what it’s like to work on a high-profile secure site
  • Research and collaborative projects – work in a team with other people on the course
  • Rights and personal responsibilities – learn how to be professional at work and understand your pay
  • Interview techniques – including a mock interview
  • First-hand experiences from apprentices and employers working on the HPC project

How do I apply?

To take part in Elevate, you need to:


  • Complete an online application form
  • If you’re successful, you’ll be invited to enrol with Weston College to take part in the course
  • You’ll receive welcome/ joining instructions – including your IT account details
  • Log in for 10am on the first day of your course!

Dates for 2021

22 November - Apply by 5 November

How did Elevate help you?

David Crofts, former participant in Elevate

Elevate was a short, fun introduction to apprenticeships with EDF, which involved both individual and team activities, where we developed our skills and learned about the industry.

The course had several group projects, such as the online treasure hunt where each step was a research task about HPC, and the incredibly fun Dragons’ Den project, where we had to create a product which could benefit the construction or running of HPC. Considering that we were online, and far more isolated than a typical group, there was an amazing amount of teamwork – we all worked well together, and supported each other’s thoughts and ideas.

The course also had some individual projects, such as when we learned about the different forms of interviews and how to tackle all sorts of situations. We even had a mock phone interview with Cora Heal (who works for Young HPC and was incredibly friendly).

But most significantly (at least for me!) was we got to talk to important people, such as those working at HPC, and those who are currently doing an apprenticeship at HPC. Both people were very open to our questions, and gave detailed answers to all kinds of queries.

Now that the course is complete, I feel like I know much more about apprenticeships, particularly degree apprenticeships, which I wasn’t really considering prior to this, but now I’m more familiar with the upsides to it! In conclusion, I think it was a fun, highly informative, involved course. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a career in the nuclear industry, or even engineering in general.


Elevate is run by Hinkley Point C and Weston College. It’s currently a virtual course, so you don’t need to travel to either location. This may change in the future, however, but we’ll make it clear in our communications and on the booking page.

Elevate is a continuous 10-day programme (excluding the weekend).

Elevate usually takes place 10am to 3pm. There’s a two-hour session in the morning and two-hours in the afternoon, with a one-hour break for lunch.

You need to be able to access the internet – and, ideally, find somewhere you can join in without many interruptions.

Bags of confidence! But so much more too:

  • A certificate to show you’ve taken part
  • A course to include on your CV
  • An understanding of your skills and behaviours – and examples to share with potential employers (e.g. how you demonstrated teamwork during the collaborative activities)
  • Familiarity with recruitment processes – like what happens at an assessment day or how to talk to employers with confidence
  • And, potentially, a job interview – if you impress any of our employers!