Net Zero project for schools

The Net Zero Challenge is a project-based activity for young people to help their local community reach Net Zero.

The Net Zero Challenge is an opportunity for tomorrow’s generation to take social action by tackling climate change where they live. And it supports educators in meeting their curriculum and careers objectives.

The challenge is for students to help their community reach Net Zero. Climate change is the biggest issue future generations face. And it’s widely believed that if we can achieve Net Zero carbon emissions – whereby the amount of carbon we put into the atmosphere is equivalent to the amount we take out – we stand a chance of slowing down its effects.

What’s in the project pack?


Guidance for teachers

  • Guidance on how to run the activity dependent on your time available
  • Ideas for adapting the Challenge for different age groups and remote learners
  • Curriculum links and Gatsby Benchmarks

Information for students

  • How they plan their response to the Net Zero Challenge
  • Supporting information section with facts and figures
  • Data on carbon emissions, and web links for further research

Net Zero projects

  • Real-life Net Zero projects: Net Zero Leiston in Suffolk and Energy Superhub Oxford
  • Real-life insight into the challenges, actions and solutions needed to reach Net Zero, and the people behind them

Why Net Zero?


Watch video: Helping Britain achieve Net Zero

It’s widely believed that if we can achieve Net Zero carbon emissions, we stand a chance of slowing down the effects of climate change. The UK Government has made it a legal requirement to reach Net Zero by 2050. And we’re doing everything we can to help at EDF.

Whether it’s building new nuclear power stations. Investing in renewables – like wind turbines, solar panels and battery storage. Or supporting homes in switching to a low-carbon lifestyle, with electric cars and electric heating.

The Net Zero Challenge is a way for students to understand the changes that are required on a national and local scale to reach Net Zero. And how they can take social action within their own community to make a difference.

How to use the Net Zero Challenge


Teacher-led learning

Adapt the Challenge to support curriculum learning in subjects like Science, Geography or Social Studies - whether in the classroom or delivered remotely.

Youth social action

Use the Challenge to support students who want to take action against climate change. The case studies provide inspiration and demonstrate what measures communities are rolling out.

Enrichment / themed week

Make the Challenge the focus of an enrichment or off-timetable week. Link into topical events, like COP26, or run it as an inter-year competition with an external judging panel.

Careers insight programme

Invite local businesses into school to deliver relevant careers insight or incorporate the Challenge into their work insight programmes.

STEM / Eco Club activity

Set the Challenge as the Club’s termly activity - consider offering prizes for the best response, inviting relevant local businesses to talk about what they do, or creating a Dragons Den-style competition.

Get started with the Net Zero Challenge!

Completed the Net Zero Challenge?


Further learning


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