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There's been a change in how we can verify your generation meter

Information about how we need to verify your Feed-in Tariff

As part of Ofgem guidance and your Statement of Terms, we must verify the meter reading on your generation meter every two years.

At this time, we'll contact you so we can obtain the following;

  • A meter reading
  • Verification of your meter serial number

This information then gets shared with Ofgem to verify your generation meter.

Please note

This meter reading is not used for any invoicing or payment purposes

Latest update on how you can submit these details

Ofgem now allows photographic evidence as an alternative method to verify the generation meter reading every two years. This means you no longer have to wait for an appointment to complete the verification, making the process simpler and quicker for you!

If you're unable to submit a photo to us, you can get someone else to help, such as a friend, neighbour or member of your family, to help and submit a photo for you.

What happens if my generation meter is not verified?

If we're unable to verify the meter you're using for your Feed-in Tariff or Smart Export Generation Tariff then we're obligated to stop your payments until we're able to verify your meter. This is in line with your statement of terms and Ofgem guidance.

Please see the options below to verify your generation meter reading.

I (or a third party on my behalf) am happy to submit a photo read

I cannot provide a photo meter submission and I need a site visit