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Why do I need to verify my meter reading every two years

As part of Ofgem guidance and your Statement of Terms, we're required to verify the meter reading on your generation meter. We'll need to obtain a meter reading and verify the meter serial number. The meter reading will also be shared with Ofgem. If you have any queries, please check our Feed-in Tariff help and advice section for more details.

PLEASE NOTE: This meter reading is not used for invoicing or payment purposes.

What happens if my generation meter is not verified?

If we're unable to verify the generation meter for your Feed-in account we are obligated to suspend payments until this has been completed as per your statement of terms and Ofgem guidance. To start your payments again, either a photograph or a physical site visit will be required and this will be confirmed in advance.

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This form is for 2-year meter read requests, if you need to submit a quarterly meter read, please go to our FIT quarterly meter read form.