Meter readings

I have submitted my read online, how much will my payment be?

If you've submitted your reading via our web portal or our automated telephone service we will need to validate this before processing payment. If the reading is valid we will send you remittance advice confirming the amount due. If the reading is not valid we will contact you for further information.

Can I request a copy of all the readings I have submitted and payments that have been made?

We request that our customers keep a copy of their invoices which holds the reading and payment data.

What happens if I miss a meter read month?

We can only accept meter reads within your payment cycle which can be found in your Statement of Terms. If you miss your payment cycle, you will need to provide us with a reading the next quarter. Don’t worry, we will pay for you everything you have generated since the last reading provided.

How do I read my generation meter?

There will be a digital display on the front of your generation meter. Please ensure you do not provide any digits after the decimal point.

Will EDF Energy need to inspect my generation meter?

We have to come to your home to inspect your meter at least once every two years. And as part of your Feed-in Tariff terms and conditions, you need to give us access to do this.


Can I request the FIT payments to be made to someone else?

To transfer the payments to a third party, please complete a nominated recipient form.

Can I access my FIT details such as payments and account details online?

EDF Energy do not offer an online account for FITs.

Support with the application process

How do I ensure I provide you with everything you need to process my application form?

There is a checklist to ensure you have everything we need to be able to process your application.

What is the difference between multi declaration 1 & 2?

If you sign declaration 1, you are stating you own more than 25 other installations registered for FITs. If you sign declaration 2, you are stating you DO NOT own 25 or more other installations.

Moving property

I am moving house soon, what do I need to do?

If I sell my property, do the new owners receive the current FIT rate?

The current rate of FITs and the remaining term of the contract will transfer to the new owners.

I have just moved into a new property which has solar panels that are registered for FITs with EDF Energy, what do I need to do?

In order to transfer the FIT contract into your name, please complete our online change of ownership form. There is a checklist to ensure you provide us with everything we need to process your application.

Changing bank details

How do I notify you of a change to my bank details?

In order to update your bank details for all future FIT payments please complete the change of bank details form. This can either be scanned and emailed back to us or posted to EDF, Sunderland, SR43 4EA 

Faulty system

My system has stopped working, who do I need to contact?

If you suspect a fault with your system you will need to contact your installer or another MCS accredited installer to investigate this. You can search for local MCS accredited installers

I've had my generation meter replaced due to a fault, what do I need to do?

If you have your generation meter changed, please provide us with the following information via email 

  • Date of exchange
  • Meter serial number of removed meter
  • Final meter read from the old meter
  • New meter make and model
  • New meter serial number
  • Start read of the new meter
  • The reason for the change.


Switching suppliers

If I change supplier, can I keep my FITs with EDF Energy?

Yes, or you can take your Feed-in Tariff with you providing your new supplier is a FIT licensee. Please be aware the Feed-in Tariff rate is the same across all FIT licensees

How do I switch my FITs to EDF Energy?

In order to switch your FIT contract to EDF Energy please complete our online application. Please be aware the FIT rate is the same with all FIT licensees.

Change to contact details

How do I advise you of a change to my email address?

Please email with your change request, and we will arrange for our records to be amended. Please include either your FIT ID or full address in your email


Are Feed-in Tariff payments a taxable income?

The Feed-in Tariff scheme is a non-taxable green energy scheme. If your company is VAT registered then VAT will be added to your export payment. Please confirm your VAT registration status by completing our VAT declaration form. This will ensure that we are paying and invoicing you accurately.


Does my smart meter record generation as well?

Your smart meter only records your gas and electricity import supply and exported electricity from your renewable technology.

Does my smart In House Display show my export read?

No. Your Smart IHD only records your gas and electricity meter readings.

Will having solar panels affect my electricity meter?

Your electricity meter will continue to record the electricity you use in the property but it may slow down when you are generating electricity. If you are generating enough electricity to cover what you are using your electricity meter may stop during that time. If your electricity meter starts to go backwards please contact us as we’ll need to change your meter.


Can you offset my energy bills with the Feed-in Tariff payments?

The Feed-in Tariff scheme is separate from your supply account so we are unable to offset this against your energy bills.

Two year meter reading

Why do you need to read my meter?

As your FIT licensee, we have to take a reading at least once every two years and as part of your FIT terms, you need to give us access to read your meter.  We will attempt to read your meter on an ad hoc basis. If we are not able to obtain the reading this way, a request is sent automatically either via email or post, for an appointment to be booked.

My meter is outside; do I still need to book an appointment?

If your meter is located on an external wall of your property and is accessible without having to go through a gate this should be read by a meter reader on an ad hoc visit. However, if there is an obstruction or health and safety issue we will request for you to book an appointment where you can be available to provide safe access.

My meter is in an outbuilding/open garage, do I still need to book an appointment?

Due to the health and safety of our meter reading representatives and safety of your property, they will not enter any building or garage without the customer being present.

I can no longer be available for my appointment, how do I cancel this?

Please email us at with your FIT ID address and date of your scheduled appointment to advise you can no longer attend. Please also provide an alternative date giving 15 working days notice. If you contact us less than 48 hours in advance of the appointment we will not be able to cancel this with our representatives and they will still attempt to complete the appointment.

What happens if I do not book an appointment?

If you are not currently in a position to arrange an appointment, we can wait until you know of a date which would be suitable, providing 15 working days notification. Please be aware that in this situation we would not be able to make any Feed-in Tariff payments until it was resolved. However, your account would accrue a balance to be paid once everything was back to normal. We are also required to let OFGEM (The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets) know, so it’s important that you contact us at your earliest opportunity.

Please find details of the requirements regarding access to the eligible installation and meters in section 6 of your Statement of Terms.

I have an AMR meter (Automatic Meter Reading), do I still need to book an appointment?

If you are able to provide us with your login details or setup up a password for us to view the live information from your data collector we can obtain the information required without having to schedule an appointment. Please email us at with relevant information to enable us access. 

What is an AMR meter (Automatic Meter Reading)?

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) is the technology of automatically reading meters. This allows you to provide the meter reading information to us electronically as part of the biennial inspection process. Even though AMR meters are capable of sending the meter reading information electronically, we select a small number of sites for physical inspection as required by the regulator.

Solarplicity customers

Can I register with EDF Energy for my Feed-in tariff?

Yes, you can register with EDF Energy or approach any other FIT licensee (a new supplier) to continue to receive FIT payments.

Where can I find my FIT ID?

Please check your Feed-in tariff statement of terms or any other correspondence sent by Solarplicity.

What supporting information will I need to provide?

In order to validate your application, we require relevant supporting documents listed in our application process which may or may not include documents provided to Solarplicity.

Will my Feed-in payments be backdated?

Upon receiving an application we will verify the installation with Ofgem and/or the appointed Solarplicity administrator who may confirm the last meter reading and payment details of relevant FIT installations, so long as the information is available.

Will my Feed-in unit rate stay the same after switching to EDF Energy?

Yes, we'll process your application and register with Ofgem who confirm the unit rate which is consistent across all Feed-in tariff licensees.

Will the switch to EDF Energy affect my contract end date?

No, there will be no changes to the length of your contract.