EDF Energy Board of directors


The overriding objective of the Board is to provide a management framework in which EDF Energy operates to the highest ethical and health and safety standards and its investments are preserved and enhanced through establishing a culture of zero harm and zero tolerance to bribery and fraud.

The purpose of the Board is to provide proper stewardship of EDF Energy, providing vision and leadership to supervise the management of EDF Energy’s business, to grow value responsibly in a sustainable manner, ensuring that EDF Energy’s fiscal and statutory obligations are met and that shareholder value is preserved and enhanced.

Our current board members

Non-executive Directors
•       Jean-Bernard Lévy (Chairman) 
•       Pierre Todorov 
•       Xavier Girre
•       Veronique Lacour
•       Henri Lafontaine
•       Marianne Laigneau 

Executive Directors

  • Chief Executive Officer: Vincent de Rivaz, CBE
  • Chief Financial Officer: Rob Guyler


The EDF Energy Executive Team

The Executive Team, under the leadership of the Chief Executive Officer operating under the authority of the Board, direct and manage all matters connected with the day to day running of EDF Energy other than those which have been reserved by the Board for decision and/or approval.

The Executive Team consists of:

Vincent de Rivaz (Chair)
Chief Executive Officer

Stuart Crooks
Managing Director – Generation

Humphrey Cadoux-Hudson
Managing Director – Nuclear New Build

Beatrice Bigois
Managing Director – Customers

Rob Guyler
Chief Financial Officer

Janet Hogben
Chief People Officer

Paul Spence
Director of Strategy and Corporate Affairs