Important information regarding applying for a new meter installation for your business

This form is to request a new meter to be installed at your site. If you do not have the cabling in place to support your new meter then you should contact your local Distribution Network Operator.

If your meter is to supply a residential property then please contact our Developer Services team on 0800 068 8257(1). or

Only complete this form if you wish EDF Energy to be your electricity supplier.

To register your MPAN and arrange an installation date we will require a minimum of 20 working days notice.

In the event of a formal contract not being in place at the time of the first invoice we will calculate your charges based on our deemed prices.

In order to progress your application we will conduct a credit check and we may request a security deposit to support a supply contract.

To complete the form you will need the MPAN specific to the site together with additional information regarding the size and type of supply. If you do not have the MPAN for a new supply please contact your Distribution Network Operator.

If you are looking to split an existing supply please contact the New Supply Administration Team by telephone on 0845 366 3666(1).

Please note that within the London distribution area (MPAN begins 12) it is the customer's responsibility to install a CT cabinet for any CT supply.