Could EDF Energy save you £150?*

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Peace of mind with Blue+Price Protection Dec17:

  • No prices rises guaranteed until at least December 2017  
  • Easier to budget and plan effectively with fixed prices until at least
    31 December 2017
  • No exit fees

*Actual savings vary based on customer’s region, usage and existing tariff. Prices correct as at 18 November 2016. We have estimated that dependent on their region, at least 1 in 5 people on a Standard Variable tariff can save up to £150 and in one region as many as 1 in 2 people can save up to £150 by switching over to our Blue+Price Protection Dec17 tariff (Dual Fuel Direct Debit).

Estimated percentage for each region

RegionBlue+Price Protection Dec17Estimated percentage of customers who could save £150
North Wales£92222%
West Midlands£94623%
North East£88921%
South Wales£90545%
South Scotland£88022%
North Scotland£91458%

How households could save over £150 through switching their energy supply to EDF Energy’s Blue+Price Protection Dec17.

Basis for claim

Calculation of £150 savings message.


  • Dual Fuel and electricity only accounts by region and supplier are taken from Cornwall Energy data
  • We make assumptions around the number of accounts on Standard Variable (non-prepayment). This gives the total number of households on non-prepayment Standard Variable tariffs by region


Account saving calculation:

  • The difference between each suppliers Standard Variable tariff (excluding any paperless discounts) and the fixed price tariff (used in the message) is calculated for each region at typical consumption
  • Based on typical consumption (3,100 kWh electricity / 12,500 kWh gas) for Direct Debit, Dual Fuel, Standard (Variable) tariff in November 2016



  • Excludes any fixed price tariffs
  • Includes the Standard Variable tariffs of the following suppliers:
    • Npower

    • Scottish Power

    • SSE