Your future in energy

Hear from some of our employees on what's it like working here.

Join us, and you'll play a part in our plans for a sustainable energy future.

Our vision

We want to bring affordable, low-carbon energy to everyone and to do that requires both sharp minds and smart ideas to help shape the UK’s energy future. With the development of a new nuclear power station on the horizon, our goal is to become the best and most trusted energy supplier for our customers, through a combination of trust, transparency and teamwork. Combining our ambitions will help us to do just that.

Our Culture

Empowering our people to be a force for good involves us creating an inclusive working environment.

Diversity and inclusion

We’re dedicated to the people who work with us – celebrating their cultural diversities and capturing the value that their differences bring.


Everyone has their own path to follow. But we believe that if you’ve ever worked for EDF, you’ll always have a connection with us and we’ll always have a connection with you.

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Our sustainability roadmap

We’re a responsible business and proud to be Britain's biggest generator of zero carbon electricity(1). But with size, age and experience, we believe we can do even more. 

We're doing everything we can to help Britain achieve Net Zero. 


Work for us

We're EDF, the UK's largest producer of low-carbon electricity. Join us, and you'll play a part in our plans for a sustainable energy future.

Our education programmes

Inspiring young people is at the heart of our Educational strategy, and it is through a number of Educational Programmes we help children understand that a low carbon, secure and affordable energy supply is vital for the future.