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Celebrating Lunar New Year

Posted February 10, 2024

In 2024, Lunar New Year is Saturday 10 February. The Lunar New Year celebration marks the first day of the year in a traditional lunisolar calendar and the start of spring and officially ends 14 days later with the Lantern Festival. In 2024, Lunar New Year’s Day is on Saturday 10 February, starting the Year of the Dragon.

Lunar New Year is celebrated worldwide, especially in Asia including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, and Mainland China.

How is Lunar New Year celebrated?

Lunar New Year is a time for families to come together, exchange money-filled red envelopes (红包, hóngbāo), and enjoy delicious food.

During the Lunar New Year, giving red envelopes to younger generations is a way of sending wishes and good luck to them. The Chinese New Year red envelope represents the spirit of unity, generosity, and well-wishes that permeate the festive season. Those who receive a red envelope are wished another safe and peaceful year.

It's common practice to decorate one’s home with red lanterns. Many homes are decorated auspicious Chinese characters and couplets on red paper stuck on doors. Red is an auspicious colour as it scares away the evil spirits. Wearing new clothes is also a common tradition to ward off bad luck—a new year is a time for newness after all!

Below are some images of our employees celebrating Lunar New Year across our sites.

Employees celebrating lunar new year

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