As the UK faces a critical time in its energy future, the proposed construction of Hinkley Point C will mark the first in a new generation of nuclear power stations that will not only provide 7% of the UK’s generation needs, but also create 25,000 employment opportunities. A huge infrastructure project, the station will not only provide secure, low-carbon energy for the next  60 years, powering over 5 million homes, but also provide education, skills and training for local communities and a significant boost to the UK’s supply chain.

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Keeping your skills up to date is essential, and so EDF Energy offers continuous opportunities to develop. In addition to the standard EDF Energy induction training, there are also opportunities to take on additional duties. Qualifications are open to everyone and it’s up to you to decide how much you’d like to take on and how far you want to go in your role.

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A new generation of nuclear power stations

Meet the people on the ground at Hinkley Point C, and discover how we’re building a brighter future.

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About Hinkley Point C

At Hinkley we are building more than just a power station. Find out the latest Hinkley Point C news and learn about the many benefits the project will bring to the local community, including how to register for jobs, our education programme and opportunities to join the supply chain.