Howz trial overview information

Howz is a new product developed by Intelesant Ltd aimed at supporting people to live independently whilst letting those that matter to them know how they're doing. Howz aims to enable this process without being intrusive, being easy to install and use, and helpful for identifying daily activity.

This trial is funded by EDF Energy but please note the trial is organised, ran and managed by Intelesant Ltd through their dedicated Howz support team. The information below is designed to give you an overview of the trial and what you may expect from it. Please ensure you read and understand the terms and conditions with Intelesant Ltd regarding the trial which are made available on their website before deciding to participate. 

How does Howz work?

Howz uses small, discrete sensors that simply plug in between the appliance’s own plug and the electric socket and monitor how much electricity is being used and when (for example, when you put the kettle on). Additional sensors are added that measure movement to different places in your home. These sensors send information about your activity via the internet to a secure central hub where Howz analyses and interprets the information to build up a picture of your daily routine (for example, when you usually get up, or getting up in the night).

Should you choose to participate in the trial and test Howz, the equipment which will be provided to you has been manufactured by Energenie and will be supplied by Intelesant Ltd in accordance with their own terms and conditions which will be shared with you and available on their website. The device leaflet covers more information regarding this equipment including contact details if there are any problems or questions.

Howz is not an alarm system, and does not replace the need for visits or healthcare interventions. Howz will describe the daily routine of the individual and detect significant change in that routine and the system users are then responsible for decisions taken based on this information. Howz does not provide medical or care advice.

About the trial

This trial is aimed at testing the delivery of Howz, a new product on the market. EDF Energy funds the trial however please note the trial is organised, run and managed entirely by Intelesant Ltd. The trial is aimed at evaluating both the product and the services around it to support future developments and deliver the best customer experience.

The trial includes an initial three-month evaluation period where you will be expected to provide feedback on the system via online questionnaires, telephone interviews or email correspondence made available by Intelesant Ltd. At the end of this evaluation period you will be transferred to the Howz service which will be provided (funded by EDF Energy) for a further 21 months. Please note that either EDF Energy and Intelesant Ltd reserve the right to terminate the trial at any time if deemed necessary.

What information is collected and who sees it?

  • The EDF Energy marketing team will identify a segment of prospects for the Howz trial
  • EDF Energy will not share any of your personal details from the recruitment process with Intelesant Ltd
  • If you proceed with the trial you'll be required to enter your personal details (including name, address, email, contact number) and the test site address (although this is not mandatory) and this information will be collected directly by Howz through their website
  • The customer service team and clinical leads at Howz will see the information that identifies you to enable us to offer customer support. The Howz technical team will see the data from the sensors to allow them to work on the system to ensure the data is managed effectively. The technical team will not be able to see the personal information connected to the sensor data.
  • Intelesant Ltd will share the data from the sensors and associated analytics with EDF Energy with personal identifiable elements removed
  • The collected data will be shared on a secure channel.

How is my information used?

The information collected by Intelesant Ltd in accordance with their applicable terms and conditions, regarding your use of the Howz product will be used to:

  1. Provide the ongoing service of monitoring daily routine and detecting change
  2. Test the analytics and algorithms used by our system to generate the outputs you see
  3. Develop the Howz product
  4. Promote use of the product and share learning through publications
  5. Contact you in the event of any changes or issues
  6. Provide customer service to answer queries and deal with issues.

Items 1 to 4 will use information with your personal details removed.

Items 5 and 6 require your personal information to be used.

Where is my information stored?

All information about you or your activity is stored on a secure database with encryption of your personal details. This information will be used to create your timeline and alerts. The information collected by the Howz system will be collected by Intelesant Ltd and, subject to securing relevant data consents, will be shared with the EDF Energy team as they evaluate the system and investigate any issues raised about the system or process.  

How is confidentiality maintained?

The personal confidential information will be encrypted and stored on a secure server. The information collected will be retained in accordance with applicable data protection legislation after which it will be fully destroyed. 

What if I want to stop?

You can withdraw from the Howz trial in accordance with Intelesant Ltd’s terms and conditions, as available on their website, and the equipment will be removed from your home. At this point Howz will cease collecting and sharing your energy information, but they'll retain the information collected up until then as part of the testing process. However, personal identifying information will be removed. Simply call the Howz team and let them know you want to stop.

What if the equipment gets broken during the trial?

Please get in touch with the Howz team who will arrange for replacing defective equipment during the trial in accordance with their applicable terms and conditions.

Installation and equipment

The equipment is designed to be self-installed using a web-based tool, however instructions for this will be provided by Intelesant Ltd along with the equipment. The set-up process also includes access to Howz app, and the ability to add in people to share access to your information. The Howz support team will be available to provide you with support with this process, and they will also monitor the information collected and notify you if there is a significant change in routine.

Trial kit

  • 2 plug sockets – measuring appliance usage to be placed on regularly-used items such as kettles, microwaves, toasters, hairdryers or vacuum cleaners. The Howz system will not register the use of low voltage items such as television sets or lights, or other devices such as washing machines and tumble dryers so these should not be used in this trial
  • 1 door sensor – capturing door opening and closing
  • 1 hub connected to your internet
  • 1 passive infra-red movement sensor – detecting movement past the sensor

Post installation

  • The Howz team will monitor the system post-installation to ensure it continues to work as expected and to review identified changes in routine
  • After seven days of installing the Howz kit, the Howz team will contact you to check all is well for its service users. At this point, the system will have identified the most appropriate alert settings and the Howz team will discuss these recommendations with you before setting them in the system
  • An online evaluation questionnaire will be sent via an email link to be completed and phone interviews at the end of the trial with selected participants will be conducted
  • Should you have any queries following installation the Intelesant Ltd admin team are available to contact by telephone during business hours on 0161 226 5353 or email Please quote your site ID on any correspondence to assist with identification of the site.