Introducing EDF Energy Blue Lab…

EDF Energy has a strong history of innovation, whether driven by technology or customer need.

And to continue to lead the way, we have created our innovation accelerator - the Blue Lab -100 pc dedicated to our customers. 

This newly innovation platform  Blue Lab in Brighton plays an instrumental role in innovation looking to improve the lives of consumers by harnessing the latest technologies, developing energy services or testing the new business models of tomorrow. We’re really excited about developments which help customers to make smarter decisions around their energy use.

Our goal is to create an open innovation network to generate plenty of ideas and to make ideas happen.  Our new agile working space on the south coast enables us to work with external organisations alongside our internal teams to develop and shape those ideas. And we’re after like-minded people to come and work with us. If you’re bursting with great ideas that could help shape the energy future, share them with us

By marrying technology and design, we aim to make energy easy for the consumer and the business world.

EDF Energy Blue Lab is focusing on three areas

The Connected Home

The way we control our energy use is evolving everyday as electrical appliances, lighting and boilers can now be controlled and monitored remotely via the internet. Companies like Apple, Samsung and Nest, amongst others, are accelerating this marketplace and technology companies such as Panasonic and LG are following.

Combined with regular smart meter data, the Connected Home will be a place where consumers can budget and manage their energy use in a way and at a time that suits them. It's important that we support customers as we move into this digital age, to stay truly customer focused and build trust. 

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New business models

It's expected that some customers will generate their own electricity at home through renewable energy measures, rather than simply taking it from the National Grid. It is also expected more homes will be heated by electricity alone in the future. EDF Energy needs to play a role in supporting this and to accompany consumers as a trusted partner, in this low carbon journey. 

In transport too, we need to shift away from using high carbon fuels and move towards using low carbon electricity to power vehicles. This presents an opportunity for EDF Energy to develop low carbon energy solutions for customers, to meet together our ambitious carbon emission reduction targets for the UK.

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B2B services

Businesses are looking to do more than simply buy cheaper energy. Many are looking to upgrade energy monitors, controls and systems to allow them to optimise their operations and achieve significant savings by being more efficient in their energy management.

Businesses are also looking for onsite energy generation and storage opportunities and EDF Energy, along with our partners can develop solutions in all these areas to help support them.

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We are looking for people with great ideas to work with us

So if you have an idea, technology or business idea which we can develop together – get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

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