The research staff in our teams Smart Customers, Renewables, Nuclear and Digital Innovation, have had numerous academic papers published on a variery of interesting technical topics.

Recent news

Paper accepted at IEEE Conference

The Technical Committee of the International IEEE Conference “Innovative Smart Grid Technologies” (Turin, 26-29 Sept. 2017) has accepted a scientific paper, “Provision of ancillary services in future low-carbon UK electricity system”, which sees Vincenzo Trovato and Anes Dallagi, full-time researchers in R&D UK, in the list of authors.

The submission and acceptance of the paper demonstrates the success of the SparkFund project conducted by the R&D UK and Imperial College London in the last months, since the paper summarises the outcomes of that project.

CIGRE abstract submission

EDF Energy R&D UK has submitted an abstract that has been accepted for the CIGRE conference on power systems taking place in 2018 in Paris. The paper is a result of a collaboration between R&D France, R&D UK and EIFER. It is dedicated to “A comparative analysis of existing and prospective market organisations at the retail level: role modelling and regulatory choices”.

This work aims at identifying changes, opportunities and barriers in business and regulatory models using a peer-reviewed methodology developed by the Market Design Challenge. 

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