Research, development and innovation are at the heart of EDF Energy

EDF Energy Research and Development (R&D UK) is a centre of technical excellence whose main purpose is helping to build a brighter energy future for the UK.
Our vision is: “Accelerating the transition to a sustainable, low carbon society through the development and testing of new technologies and business models.”

EDF Energy R&D UK is currently advancing research in the fields of Low Carbon Generation (supporting existing nuclear, nuclear new build and renewables), Modelling and Simulation, Environment and Natural Hazards, Energy System Design, Smart Cities, Local Energy Systems, Energy Storage & Efficiency and Smart Digital Technology.

By coupling the advances in science and engineering with the emergence of new digital innovations EDF Energy R&D UK is providing ground breaking solutions to policy makers, partners and customers in order to realise our vision.

The potential of blockchain technology

In this short animation, learn how blockchain works and what EDF Energy Research and Development is currently exploring with its emerging technology.

What we do

Our latest projects

We're always working on new and innovative projects with our numerous partners: Google Glass, Sim4Blocks, EnerGware to name a few.

Who we are

" At EDF Energy R&D UK, we have a single common focus: local delivery of global value. Through high-end expertise and services, we support all EDF Energy business units to successfully tackle short and mid-term challenges, while exploring future low carbon technologies and opportunities for the benefit of our business in the UK, EDF Group and the general public more broadly."

- Xavier Mamo, Director of EDF Energy Research & Development.

We're based across 4 different locations and are a growing centre with:

  • - 70 full time researchers
  • ​- 40 PhD students
  • ​- Over 15 different nationalities

Receiving funding from:

  • - EDF Energy Business Units
  • ​- EDF Group
  • ​- Corporate activities
  • ​- Public funding in the UK & Europe.

Who we are working with

EDF Energy R&D UK has numerous Academic Institution partners including: Imperial College London, the University of Manchester, the University of Bristol, University College London and the University of Strathclyde.
Each year we hold a Postgraduate Researcher Event (PRE) in collaboration with these institutions.

With Industry partners ​such as, National Nuclear Laboratory, Hitachi, Met Office, Rolls-Royce, Energy Technologies Institute and Big Innovation Centre, we strive to create innovative and reliable partnerships that deliver value and facilitate collaboration.

The BOSS Project

EDF Energy R&D UK collaborates with numerous Public Organisations. For example, the BOSS project is an Innovate UK technology innovation project led by us, in partnership with York City Council and two Small and Medium Enterprises Route Monkey and Connected Energy, a subsidiary of Future Transport Systems. The project explores a system that enables site-based optimisation of energy usage and exploitation of off-peak energy tariffs.

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