Because energy affects much more than just your bill for communal lighting and heating...

At EDF Energy, we’re looking at how innovations emerging from the major trends changing the energy sector – digitising, decarbonising and decentralising energy – can be used to address the challenges facing housing associations.

We believe new energy ideas – and how they’re co-ordinated to build on each other – can help accelerate your mission to provide greater numbers of quality, affordable housing, and change lives.

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What does a co-ordinated energy strategy look like?

Step 1 - Reduce the noise

Control energy costs & admin load

Better budget control...

  • Purchase to manage market risk
  • Pay simple fixed prices

Streamline admin...

  • Manage accounts online
  • Improve metering
  • Simplify site changes

Money saving techniques...

  • Manage voids better
  • Target specific charges for reductions

Step 2 - Improve the estate

Improve EPCs & energy use

Make your own energy...

  • Build renewable power and heat
  • Link your tenants to P2P trading

Go electric vehicles...

  • Run a cheaper, cleaner fleet
  • Lease cars, vans and charging points

New funds for energy projects...

  • Create a contract rebate
  • Access ECO3 and innovation funds
  • Improve EPC ratings

Step 3 - Enable better living

Improve quality of living for your tenants

Improve tenants household costs...

  • Help tenants switch to better deals

Extend unsupported living...

  • Use energy to monitor older tenants