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Unfortunately your home isn't suitable for a solar panel system at this time

You may not be eligible for a solar panel system because:

  • you don't own your own home
  • you want to install solar panels on a flat roof
  • you live in a listed building
  • you want to install your solar panel system after 6 months

Not to worry we can help you with other low carbon home improvements you may not have even thought about before!

Get a heat pump

Update your heating system to an efficient alternative that helps reduce your carbon footprint and save energy.

modern energy saving home

Be more energy efficient

Not quite ready for solar panels but want to use less energy and be kinder to the planet? We’ve got lots of energy saving tips for you and your home.

Insulate your home

With energy bills rising - act now to help save you money this winter! Give your family the benefit of a healthier, warmer home.