What career will my child have?

How do I help them choose a career path? Your ultimate aim is to help your teen choose a job that makes them happy, one that taps directly into their strengths and passions but where do you start? We’ve profiled 10 of the most in-demand career areas of the future to equip you with the knowledge you need to have that conversation and talk STEM careers with your teen. 

Computer Science

Computer Science is a broad area that covers a number of roles, from Game Developers to Office IT Managers.


Engineers build the future. Using scientific knowledge, they problem solve and design and build solutions for everyday life - behind every new bridge, building and innovation there’s engineering skills. Read more about engineers are building the future.

Advertising, Public Relations and Communications

From creative technologists and product engineers to web designer there’s a whole team of specialists involved in the production of advertising campaigns and communications. Read more about this creative sphere.  


Architects work in the construction industry designing new buildings, altering or developing extensions to existing buildings.


People who work in Legal use their knowledge of the law and their analytical and communication skills to advise and counsel clients.


There are many roles available in the construction industry – everything from designing and, planning to practical work and project management. Read about these vital roles that enable compliant project completion, on budget and on time. 

Financial services

Financial Services typically cover investment funds, stocks, banking, credit and insurance and is essentially a term used to describe organisations that deal with the management of money. Whether advising businesses or consumers there’s a role for everyone. 


Read about the people who work in this field and help individuals and businesses plan to achieve their financial goals.  

Research and Development

An organisation’s research and development department plays a key role in the innovation of new products and services. 

STEM Professional

STEM is continuously expanding into every aspect of our lives such as health, business, social media and shopping. Read about how these careers are important for the contribution they make to the stability, security and growth of our future nation.  

Future Me careers quiz

If your teen is less sure of what they want to be then try out our Future Me careers quiz to find out how they could turn their passions into a full-time job; the opportunities are endless.  

Future Me avatar builder

Your teen can use their creativity to design an avatar of themselves in a future career. Try a couple on for size because the choice of STEM careers is unlimited.

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