Introducing our inspiring role models

We’re delighted to introduce you to some inspiring women who have chosen interesting careers in STEM, some of whom you may already know. 

Watch video: #PrettyCurious: What makes you curious? – Meet our role models

What makes our role models curious?

In this video, our role models explain what inspired their curiosity, and how that curiosity inspired them to pursue their exciting careers. Below you can meet them in more detail and hear their stories - including what they love about the choices they've made.

Meet Liz Bonnin, Biochemist, Wild Animal Biologist & Presenter

Liz has combined her love of science with a successful TV career, drawing on her academic expertise in Biochemistry and Wild Animal Biology to present wildlife and animal behaviour programmes such as Animals in Love, and science programmes including Horizon: Tomorrow's World and Bang Goes the Theory. 


Why is Liz involved?

In Liz's own words:

"There are countless fascinating and exciting career paths that young people can follow with a STEM qualification - from designing the world's most eco-friendly building to communicating the latest medical breakthrough, from exploring the world's deepest oceans to being part of the team that lands a spacecraft on another planet - and everything in between."


Meet Florence Adepoju, Cosmetic Scientist

Florence is a 24 year old cosmetic scientist and founder of beauty brand MDMFlow. She’s combined her love of science and technology with her passion for art and design to pursue her dream career. 

Florence studied Cosmetic Science at London College of Fashion, graduating with a BSc Hons, and that's where her story begins. 


Watch video: #PrettyCurious: Meet Florence Adepoju, cosmetic scientist & founder of MDMflow

How Florence turned her idea into her business

Watch Florence's video to hear how the choices she made led to her developing an amazing make-up business of her own. 

Meet Jenny Griffiths, Computer Scientist and Founder & CEO of Snap Fashion

Jenny Griffiths is a computer scientist and founder of Snap Fashion, a visual search engine for the latest fashions.

She has a real passion for technology and wants to continue to question the way the world works and continue to bring the everyday into the 21st century.

Watch video: #PrettyCurious: Meet Jenny Griffiths, a computer scientist and CEO of SNAP Fashion

How Snap Fashion was born

In her video, Jenny Griffiths explains how a love of fashion combined with a passion for technology led to her developing a brilliant app called Snap Fashion.

Meet Amy and Bethany, EDF Energy employees

Our female employees have some pretty exciting stories to share about what led them into more technical careers, and what they enjoy the most about them. 

Amy Edmundson

Electrical Maintenance Technician at Hinkley Point B

Amy is a 21 year old electrical maintenance technician at EDF Energy’s Hinkley Point B power station. Her interest in engineering was first sparked at school when she was asked to design a product in a design and technology class.

Bethany Thomas

Reactor Chemistry Engineer, Heysham 2 Nuclear Power Station

Bethany is a 23 year old reactor chemistry engineer at EDF Energy. She has always had an interest in how things work, and from a young age wanted to take objects apart and see what they did.

Articles about EDF Energy intitatives

Why Pretty Curious?

It’s not about being ‘pretty’; it’s about being ‘pretty curious’. Using 'pretty' is a play on words. We are using the word in the sense of 'pretty unexpected', 'pretty determined', 'pretty inventive', 'pretty focused' and 'pretty curious'.