1 Jan 21

Teesmouth Field Centre celebrates its 50th birthday

Warden Lynne Burn bids farewell after 43 years

Lynne Burn Teesmouth Field Centre Warden
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Teesmouth Field Centre is celebrating its 50th birthday, just as one of its wardens Lynne Burn bids farewell after 43 years in the role.

Lynne joined the Field Centre in February 1977. She has since guided thousands of people around the area showing them the unique mix of wildlife and industry. In its 50 years the centre has welcomed around 250,000 visitors, mostly school children.

Lynne said: “When I calculated that I could have filled the Riverside Stadium six times over with the number of people I have shown around Teesmouth, I was amazed.

“I hope we have played a part in raising awareness of the need to care for our local environment and ultimately our planet. Teesmouth shows that, with co-operation, wildlife and industry can exist side by side.”

Lynne was given a bouquet of flowers from station director Craig Dohring to mark her well-deserved retirement. 

The Field Centre works with partner organisations, mainly EDF at Hartlepool Power Station, Natural England and Hartlepool Borough Council.

The partnership with the power station goes back to the late 1960s with the building of the station close to areas important for wildlife.

A site hut and toilets were provided for visitors and volunteers, this was the beginning of Teesmouth Field Centre, which is now based in the station’s Visitor Centre.

North Gare, an important wildlife site, is used regularly by the centre, courtesy of Natural England.  It is now 25 years since the North Gare and Seal Sands became Teesmouth National Nature Reserve.

Although celebrations this year may not have turned out as planned, the Field Centre is open and Teesmouth’s wildlife is still here, providing a much needed contact with the natural world.

Teesmouth Field Centre is looking forward to welcoming the next 250,000 visitors in the years to come.  School groups wishing to visit the Field Centre should contact teesmouthfieldcentre@gmail.com or 01429 853847

Check out the centre’s website: www.teesmouthfieldcentre.org.uk or visit them on Facebook.