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EDF unveils ‘Preferred Proposals’ for HPC along side local feedback

By EDF | Posted July 07, 2010

EDF Energy will make its ‘Preferred Proposals’ for the development of Hinkley Point C new nuclear power station available for public consultation from 9 July.


The energy company’s Stage 2 public consultation will last for 12 weeks (from 9 July to 4 October 2010) and during this period, EDF Energy will be seeking the views of local residents and organisations about their revised plans.


The consultation will also detail the expected £500 million pound-plus boost to the South West economy through the employment of up to 5,000 people on site during the construction phase of Hinkley Point C. The company has also committed to developing local skills and apprenticeships and it’s anticipated that the station will create 900 permanent jobs during the 60-year operation of the plant and inject a further £40 million per year into the local economy.


In addition, EDF Energy has committed to help prepare local people for the new jobs by developing a construction skills centre in Sedgemoor and an apprenticeship skills hub in West Somerset


EDF Energy believes the consultations are more extensive and wide-ranging than any other for a nuclear power station in this country, taking into account the number of people consulted and the wide accessibility of its documentation and materials, available online as well as at exhibitions, libraries and EDF Energy’s Bridgwater office. The company will use state of the art computer technology as well as traditional consultation tools to help ensure as many people as possible understand and can comment on the plans.


The proposals for the site and associated developments have evolved in several key areas from the ‘Initial Proposals and Options’ outlined during Stage 1 of the public consultation held last winter, to reflect feedback from residents and local bodies.


Richard Mayson, EDF Energy’s Director of Planning and External Affairs for Nuclear New Build said:


“I am determined that we will do our best to be a good neighbour. We will work with the community to minimise the impacts of the development and to ensure that our potential multi-billion pound investment delivers real opportunities for local people and businesses, as well as providing the nation with affordable low carbon electricity for five million homes.


"The views of local residents and businesses are important to us and a key element in the consultation process. The response and feedback we received through the first stage of our consultations has been very helpful in shaping our preferred proposals. Our plans have moved on and are now more detailed so I do hope people will take part again and share their views with us.


“We want to engage with as many people as possible in our plans for clean, affordable and secure nuclear power. Our Stage 2 consultation will use state of the art technology to help everyone understand and visualise our proposals as easily as possible."


EDF Energy, with its partner Centrica, plans to build twin EPR reactors at the site next to the existing Hinkley Point power station.

The changes to the proposals reflect the feedback received from both local residents and statutory consultees.


A summary of these key changes, which will be detailed in EDF Energy’s ‘Preferred Proposals’ published on 9 July, are:


Hinkley Point C Development Site



  • The southern limit of the main construction activity has been moved further north, in response to requests from residents.
  • Early woodland planting will also take place to the south of the new construction fence and a landscaping bund (area of raised ground) will screen the on-site accommodation campus.


Accommodation, Transport and Freight Strategies



  • Accommodation campuses for workers have been concentrated in Bridgwater and on the Hinkley Point C Development Site.
  • Freight logistics facilities are focused on sites near Junctions 23 and 24 of the M5 and at Combwich Wharf.
  • The western route has been selected for the Cannington bypass.


Associated Development Sites



  • No accommodation campus is planned at Cannington.
  • There will not be a freight logistics facility at Cannington.
  • The size of the park and ride facility at Cannington has been reduced and this will now be a temporary facility used during the construction phase and removed afterwards.
  • No accommodation campus is planned at Williton following feedback from local residents.
  • The size of the park and ride facility at Williton has been reduced and this will now be a temporary facility used during the construction phase and removed afterwards.
  • Off-site accommodation campuses will be located on two brownfield sites in Bridgwater.
  • The park and ride facility at Junction 24 of the M5 has been expanded.
  • Freight logistics facilities will now be located only at Junctions 23 and 24 of the M5 and Combwich Wharf.


Views can also be made known by:



  • Emailing: <>
  • Writing to: FREEPOST CONSULTATION RESPONSE (no stamp or further address required)
  • Calling in to our Bridgwater office: 14 King Square, Bridgwater, TA6 3DG
  • Telephoning: 01278 444 600 or 0800 169 6507