22 Jul 19

EDF statement regarding DESNZ consultation on financing for new nuclear

Sizewell C - Aerial View
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Alongside a big expansion of renewables, reliable nuclear power is needed to help us switch from polluting fossil fuels and reach net zero emissions. Nuclear’s proven technology reduces the difficulties and cost of trying to decarbonise the electricity supply we all use and depend on. Lower costs for financing nuclear will benefit consumers through their bills and today’s consultation shows a way this can happen at Sizewell C in Suffolk.

 As a near replica of Hinkley Point C – Sizewell C will be cheaper to construct and finance.  It will benefit from the experience of Hinkley Point C’s engineers, contractors and suppliers and lessons from other nuclear projects, including operational EPR plants. It can also repeat the huge boost for industry, jobs and skills already happening due to Hinkley Point C’s construction, which is on schedule.