2 Dec 13

Duns Primary School given a fresh new look by staff at Torness power station

A community minded group of staff from EDF Energy’s Torness power station have been spending time giving Duns Primary School in the Borders a makeover. This is part of a scheme within EDF Energy called ‘Helping Hands’ which allows staff to take two paid days off a year to help out in the local community or for an environmental cause.

As a result of the work being done, there is now a resources area in the school which allows more space for staff to work and prepare materials for pupils. Equipment is now safely stored and easier to reach which makes it more likely to be used in the classroom. Several van loads of junk have been removed to create a new area which has been painted and furnished so small tutorial groups of pupils can be taught there. The team from Torness have also refreshed the faded playground markings so pupils can now play games like hopscotch.

Head Teacher at Duns Primary, Liz Wharton said, “The true value of this generous offer became increasingly apparent as the day wore on. The willingness, diligence and good humour of the team from Torness in tackling an accumulation of years of hoarding was an inspiration to us all. The ‘can do’ mentality of each and every member of the team was a breath of fresh air and allowed us to achieve more than we could have possibly imagined.”

Brian Bain, one of the team from Torness who helped at the school said, “Already the pupils at the school are noticing the difference the work has made and we are delighted to have helped with these improvements. All of the team really enjoyed the day and we are extremely pleased with the results of our work.”