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£50 billion plan to support the UK’s journey to net zero

By EDF | Posted September 23, 2020
  • New paper – Helping Britain achieve net zero: Our plan for a Green Recovery – outlines our plan to deliver jobs and support decarbonisation
  • Hinkley Point C, development of Sizewell C, growing our renewables business, and providing support to people and businesses to reduce their bills and carbon footprint planned

Our plan for a Green Recovery and our commitment to helping achieve it were published today in a new paper that confirms our long-term commitment to the UK energy market and helping Britain achieve net zero.

With the country in need of a plan back to economic strength, the energy sector has an opportunity to provide the route to recovery in a way that meets the UK’s 2050 net zero ambitions, through vital infrastructure projects and highly skilled jobs, apprenticeships and training opportunities. Our new nuclear development at Sizewell C alone would create 25,000 job opportunities, including 1,500 apprenticeships.

The electrification of the economy will be essential to achieve net zero, but as we electrify our transport, heating, and industrial activity, demand for power will rise. The Committee on Climate Change foresees a need to quadruple the supply of low carbon power by 2050. Our programme of new nuclear power stations and increased renewables will help meet this demand while also providing job opportunities throughout the supply chain. 

Our plan includes:

  • Enabling £50 billion of investment in the generation of low carbon electricity from nuclear, wind and solar;
  • Creation of 1,500 apprenticeships through Sizewell C;
  • Zero carbon energy tariffs as standard, supporting the increased the uptake of electric vehicles, and investing in low carbon technologies to heat homes to meet our ambition of helping our customers significantly reduce their combined carbon emissions by 2035.

Simone Rossi, EDF’s UK CEO, said:

“Britain needs jobs now and investing in energy can create those jobs - and set us on the road to net zero. We’ve shown the positive impact a green recovery can deliver through the thousands of jobs created at Hinkley Point C which will deliver low carbon electricity to millions of customers for decades. As a copy, Sizewell C is an opportunity to double down on the economic and low carbon benefits for Britain.”  


Our plan for a Green Recovery outlines our perspectives on how the energy sector can deliver jobs and support decarbonisation.
Our plan for a Green Recovery outlines our perspectives on how the energy sector can deliver jobs and support decarbonisation.

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