Talk Power Programme 2015 – a little help to make informed decisions

During 2015, we welcomed guests to 12 briefings, offered as part of the EDF Energy Talk Power Programme.

Held across the UK, these face to face briefings were our opportunity to update business energy buyers and their advisors on key changes in the energy landscape. I hope you were able to join us – but if you didn’t we’ll be back in 2016 so watch out for announcements of dates and locations.

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But, let’s stay in 2015 for the moment.  Why did we feel it was important to help business energy business make informed decisions?

Well, one reason is that we know there are now over 30 regulations, schemes and opportunities that impact them – so that’s a lot to consider even for the most experienced energy professional

Another reason is that getting buy-in from stakeholders can be an obstacle that many organisations face. According to CEB Global, the average number of decision makers in B2B buying is 5.4. So, we can understand that there are many stakeholders and board members to go through to review and approve energy procurement plans, and all additional depth and perspective to business plan development helps.

Show and tell

Across the programme, we were delighted to see over 700 representatives from many different sizes of organisations, across various activity sectors.

They came to hear our experts speak about:

  • Regulation: the latest developments and how they impact UK organisations

  • What the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reporting guidelines mean for sustainability credentials

  • The ESOS audit: What’s next?

  • Wholesale power price drivers and their likely impact in 2015


Our attendees told us they came to discuss the detail they needed with our subject matter experts and ask any specific issues or advice they needed to help them manage or create a fully functional energy procurement strategy. Our guests also enjoyed the chance to share ideas with their peers and valued the networking that attendance brings.

Success led by insight

It seems that our guest also valued what they heard from our experts – 100% told us they found our events engaging and enjoyable and 98% said that they would share what they’ve learned with their colleagues.

Why join us in 2016? Here’s some of the feedback that attendees gave us this year on why they attended:

Non-energy costs are increasingly important part of our budgeting process. I'm here today to make sense of it all and learn how better to control our costs. - Rob Smith, Prysmian Group

Rauf Bashir, Commercial Manager at The Monarch Partnership felt our presentations were informative and helped him keep up to date on the latest legislative changes.  He said:

“The most interesting presentation for me was the talk on Non-Energy costs as this is becoming a large make-up of customer bills. It’s helpful for us to transfer that information to our customers for them to understand why their costs are going up, when the papers are reporting that prices are going down."

Peter Ferguson, IBM Energy & DC Compliance Lead, EMEA Global Corporate Services, CBRE Corporate Outsourcing said:

"The smaller Talk Power events are a chance to keep up to date and EDF Energy's European involvement with government and other parties makes them a focal point for those updates."

Looking ahead to 2016

We’re busy planning a suite of 2016 briefings that will see more of our experts share their knowledge with energy buyers and their advisors.

We want to continue to help them better understand the changing energy landscape,  Our research also tells us that with energy increasingly becoming a subject for senior executives, helping energy managers gain buy-in from board members and effectively plan their energy strategy is more and more important. We’re looking forward to doing that again next year, we hope you can be part of it.

If you’d like to know about a Talk Power briefing session taking place near you, get in touch with our energy experts

Posted by Adam Walker, National Sales Manager

Adam Walker is the Manager of National Accounts in B2B. He has several years experience in the energy industry, spanning a wide range of areas including Finance, Trading, Strategy modelling and analysis for Upstream assets and partnerships, and B2B Sales.


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