Stay ahead in a fast changing market with our latest Non-energy cost forecast.

The energy landscape is constantly changing. Price volatility, government schemes and consultations as well as securing the future of our energy infrastructure can all impact the price you pay.

Our next quarterly Monitor report has just been released, giving you the latest view of all your Non-energy costs.

To help stay ahead, accurate forecasting is key and we haven’t had to make any significant changes to our forecasts in this issue. We continue to monitor a number of factors to provide you with the most accurate view of your non-energy costs as possible. Below are two that are worth keeping an eye on.

  • In July DESNZ launched a consultation to look at widening the eligibility criteria as part of the Energy Intensive Industries (EII) cost exemption scheme. Increasing the number of eligible businesses would mean an increase to costs for everyone else and we’ve updated our forecast range to reflect this. Learn more about the consultation and what this could mean for your business.
  • To support the development of a smart, flexible energy system, it is important that the electricity network access and charging arrangements are fit for purpose. That’s why Ofgem launched the Review of Access and Forward-Looking Charges (RAFLC). This could impact our longer term forecasts in the future. Join our Talk Power webinar for the latest update on the consultation.

Keeping you informed

Download and read the full report on Market Insight where you’ll also find updates on some of the other factors we highlighted in the last issue, with most out-turning as we forecast.

You can also use Market Insight to complete the picture, with current wholesale energy prices and commentary on all the factors affecting them. Visit to sign in or register.


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