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White text on orange background which reads 'EDF supports Welsh Government to achieve Net Zero'

EDF support Welsh Public Sector to achieve Net Zero

By Talk Power Team | Posted November 13, 2023

For nearly 10 years, EDF, Welsh Government Procurement and Crown Commercial Service have worked together to help public sector bodies throughout Wales benefit from the UK’s biggest public sector energy procurement service.

The framework has a proven track record of providing outstanding value and significant commercial benefits.

All our Welsh supplies through CCS use 100% Welsh-generated REGO’s supporting environmental commitments and Welsh Ministers’ ambition for the public sector to be collectively net zero by 2030.

White text on EDF background which states 'by moving the entire portfolio to zero carbon products, they're saving 85,666 tonnes of carbon each  year

Commercial Procurement supports over 70 public sector organisations, which are supplied by two of EDF’s zero carbon products;

  • Zero Carbon for Business – electricity supply backed by zero carbon nuclear generation
  • Renewable for Business – electricity supply backed by zero carbon renewable generation such as wind, solar and hydro – exclusively sources from Welsh generation assets

Both products enable the portfolio to report lower carbon emissions and reduce their market-based emissions to zero.

Keeping it local

Not only are Commercial Procurement supporting customers in making steps towards a Net Zero future with their energy supply, they are also accessing tariffs supported by regional generation. EDF has a large presence in Wales through several EDF Renewables, solar PV, and onshore and offshore wind farms. We are powering the local region with zero carbon electricity.

Independently verified for extra confidence

To give you added confidence, the Carbon Trust has assured that the electricity supplied for the year ended in 31st March 2022 under the following products – Renewable for Business, Select Renewable, Clean Renewable and UK Renewable – all of which are under the umbrella of the “Renewable tariffs” is 100% covered by Renewable Certificates that have been obtained and retired by EDF, in line with the WRI GHG Protocol Scope 2 Guidance (2015).

You can download our report and the Carbon Trust’s assurance findings.


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