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EDF partners with West Burton Energy to optimise their first transmission connected 49MW battery

By Fabrizio Fenu | Posted March 11, 2022

EDF has been selected by West Burton Energy as their trading and optimisation partner for their first transmission connected battery, located in Northamptonshire.

The 49MW battery has been delivering for 4 years on EFR, supporting the National Grid in stabilising frequency and will be now optimised through EDF’s market leading platform. EDF will provide the route to market services for West Burton Energy to maximise revenues including ancillary services (such as dynamic containment and reactive power), wholesale optimisation and the balancing mechanism. 

Chris Elder, Chief Executive Officer at West Burton Energy, said: “With the growth of renewable power generation we believe that battery storage technology will continue to support the stability of the UK’s national grid network. West Burton Energy is delighted to partner with EDF’s trading and optimisation team and to be a part of this exciting new chapter.

EDF currently has one of the largest contracted portfolio of batteries in the UK, with 324MW operational batteries and contracts signed up to 580MW.

Stuart Fenner, Head of Energy Trading Services at EDF, said: “This is an important project, due to the battery being one of the first EFR assets now being optimised across all the available markets. We are delighted to be working with West Burton Energy and optimising their battery through our EDF platform and this partnership reinforces our position as a leader in battery optimisation services in the UK.”

For more information about West Burton Energy please contact Lisa Ebsworth 07793037601