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EDF ranks 1st out of 19 suppliers in the 2023 TPI Satisfaction Survey

By Talk Power Team | Posted September 29, 2023

Cornwall Insight’s Ninth Annual TPI Satisfaction Survey results for 2023 are in

Our service delivery remains our number one priority to our Channel Partners, so we’re delighted to have been ranked number 1 out of 19 suppliers in the latest Cornwall Insight Satisfaction Survey. Understanding what our Channel Partners need from us to ensure we continue to offer the best experience we can is essential, and this report gives us vital insight so that we can continue to meet expectations.

What is the TPI Satisfaction Survey?

The report presents views from Channel Partners on products and services, how their needs are met and what they value when working with an energy supplier.

The annual survey explores:

  • What Channel Partners are seeking from energy suppliers
  • Which energy suppliers are currently meeting these needs
  • Their perceptions of the quality of supplier offerings
  • How suppliers might improve the services they offer

The results

EDF are proud to have been ranked definitively 1st out of 19 suppliers after previously scoring joint first in the 2021 survey. Our overall satisfaction score increased to 7.8, which is 1.6 points above the supplier average of 6.2, and that’s 3.5 above last year’s score!

Not only did EDF rank 1st overall, but our product sentiment has increased across the board too. Recommendation rates for EDF’s fixed products increased by 10pp (percentage point) compared to last year, 23pp above the group average. For EDF’s flexible products, the recommendation score from Channel Partners increased by 28pp, 24pp above the supplier average.

Along with skilled and dedicated account managers, EDF offers its customers and partners the option to self-serve. We’ve been praised for our interactive online portal MyBusiness, which gives them the ability to obtain their customer account information when needed, in any place at any time. Features include managing and accessing data, downloading invoices, reporting, and raising a query or complaint to the team. Our online portal was also commended for providing access to “user guides”, which are a “stand-out feature” compared to other suppliers.

Alongside access to account information and guides, our energy experts are always at hand, keeping customers and partners informed on industry news, market updates and analysis. We’ve got a dedicated Channel Partner resource centre as well as a TalkPower programme, which offers insight through regular webinars, blogs, and market reports. 

We’re always looking for ways to improve our way of working and the service we deliver. This approach has been recognised by our Channel Partners in the report, further commending EDF for its ‘blend and extend’ offering for I&C customers (Fixed price contracts with Reset option). The report stated that at the time, EDF was one of the few suppliers to take action regarding the drop in support from the Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS) to the Energy Bill Discount Scheme (EBDS), which saw a significant decrease in support for businesses from the UK government.

EDF’s recommendation for service (to end users) has also doubled, with a recorded 28pp increase compared to 2021 levels, 21pp above the supplier average. EDF was praised for being reactive to problems and reducing the number of issues that turn into complaints. EDF was also commended for its customer service relating to its mass-market products.

Most recently, we’ve introduced a Standard Fixed Gas product to the market for Channel Partners, enabling customers to benefit from a fixed cost, limiting risk to the business, and providing increased budget certainty. Following market trends, we’ve also been exploring whether flex products could be an option for some of our Channel Partners in the long term.

For renewable energy in the I&C market, 43% of Channel Partners stated that EDF Energy is meeting their needs by providing REGOs or GoOs. On its provision of corporate PPAs, 14% of Channel Partners felt that EDF was meeting this need (3pp above the supplier average of 11%).

Pieter Theuwis, Head of Mid-Market at EDF Business Solutions commented:

We’re delighted to have received such a high score from our Channel Partners. This really does demonstrate the value EDF Business Solutions is bringing. We’ve listened to our partners’ needs and grown with them, through some challenging and uncertain times, and continue to stand out above the rest in a highly competitive market.

The result is testament to our expert team who continue to deliver an excellent service. Together we look forward to continuing this and strengthening the relationships we have with our valued partners. 

We’re particularly excited to further meet the needs of our business customers by providing more options for them to secure a gas contract with a trusted energy partner, and also help them achieve their Net Zero transition.


Please get in touch if you would like more information or an energy quote.

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