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Established generators

Exploring more possibilities: Considerations for energy generation, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and hedging strategies.

1. Get funding for new projects

The right PPA can help you secure investment for new projects. A PPA shows finance providers that you have a buyer for your output. With proof your project can pay its way, it’s easier to attract investors.

Just ask industrial chemical and gas supplier company Air Products. With an EDF Energy PPA they were able to agree a 20-year contract with Crown Commercial Services to finance a planned £300m plant to generate energy from waste.

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Set a hedging strategy for better returns

How should you sell your power to get the best return? Well, that depends on many factors, including:

  • How consistently you’re generating power
  • How much power you’re generating
  • How many installations you operate
  • How your projects are financed
  • What your investors’ expectations are
  • How much experience and resource you have to spend managing your power sales
  • How you anticipate the market will perform.